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prizedparts's Journal

Prized Body Parts
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Welcome to the prized body parts community.

The idealogy here is very simple: post your body parts. Clothed. Unclothed. Whatever.

We'll sum up the rules:

-The part must belong to YOU. There's not much out there more pathetic than using somebody else's picture.

-By posting anything risque, or by clicking on a link indicating such you've agreed that you're at least 18 years old.

-Keep the picture(s) distraction-free. By this we mean do your best to focus solely on the particular body part.

-We encourage the use of a lj cut in the following instances:
**a large picture
**three or more pictures on one post

-No text entries, unless it corresponds with the picture you are posting.

-Show your love. Comment as much as you can. Everyone enjoys comments.

^^If it appears you have not used good judgment in trying to follow the rules, your post will be deleted.^^

Questions/Comments/Complaints can be directed to Senicide@aol.com or Youkiiime@aol.com

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